Saturday, October 17, 2009

30 Pounds Weight loss

Short Update

I have been so busy that I have forgotten to post to my lighter life blog. Well I have lost 30 pounds in the first 5 weeks of my return to lighter life. It has not been easier or harder than the first time. Just the same really.

I am going to do 3 more weeks for sure and then decide what to do.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Second weigh in on returning to lighter life

Last Monday saw me back at the the lighter life centre in Wokingham. My weigh in was quite spectacular at 18 stones 1 pound. That is a loss of 1 stone (14 pounds) in 7 days. One of the other guys just starting lost even more but he is much bigger than me.

I am very chuffed to have lost so much at the start. I know that from now on it will be 3 - 6 pounds a week for the next seven weeks but that is fine. I have got over all the initial headaches that come in the first few days.

Because my work is very physical I have been very tired at the end of the day. This means that not much else happens other than me working and resting. At least I don't have to do the cooking.

I was not going to weigh myself at home because my scales never say the same as those at lighter life but on Friday I couldn't resist. They showed a further 3 pounds weight loss - but of course I will have to wait for the proper weigh on Monday.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

First The Good News - I'm Back On Lighter Life Diet

Now the bad news. I have put a lot of weight back on in the last few months. I have a great set of excuses but the main one is some real rubbish events at work. I will not dwell on them as they are in the past but suffice to say that any control of my eating went out of my thoughts and actions.

So last Monday saw me back at my lighter life counseling group to restart my diet. One thing about the system is that there is an inbuilt sense of grace and mercy to people like me who put weight back on. What I mean is there is no sense on condemnation or guilt put on you for failing. So my counselor and the guys in the group just said "Hi, how are you" and we got on with the business of weighing in and discussing where we all are in the program.

Because of this system of grace I am hoping that my blog readers will also be the same towards me. I have many email saying how my story on lighter life has helped them. Well I hope that this next section of my story will not send too many people down the tube.

My weight was 19 stones 1 pound. I will do the first 8 weeks and see where I am then. Look back here as I post weekly if you want to follow my progress.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Been a long time since my last lighter life food pack

It has now been about 6 months since my last lighter life food pack. I am maintaining my weight loss and have fully recovered from cold hands and feet. I am now on a raw food diet which is not a weight loss regime but does keep me slim. It's like the GI diet but with a large emphasis on eating food raw.

So what do I think about the lighter life diet now that it is behind me. Well to be truthful, I do not know how I kept to it. I tolerated the food packs. I attended the counseling sessions which were not as bad as I feared. I only wavered on 2 or 3 occasions which is why I did so well.

The reason I succeeded this time was that I was really desperate to lose the weight. Something went click in my head and the decision was made. What I would say is that I did it. No one else did it for me. everyone was encouraging (Well most people) but in the end I was the person who decided to eat only the food packs and not cheat when no one was looking.

I will still drop in here to keep the blog going from time to time because of the number of readers who have written to me so positively about my story. Speak to you soon

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Holiday in France Without Lighter Life

I am in France for a short weekend break. This weekend is in complete contrast to the last time we came here. The last visit was very difficult because I was still on abstinence.

You cannot imagine how hard it is to sit in a street cafe in Cognac and just have a lighter life bar and plain water. The waiter was completely confused by it all and our beginners french only seemed to make him more confused.

This time I am simply maintaining my weight loss so I will go to the same restaurant tomorrow and enjoy the meal. There is nothing quite like real french food.

I am eating hardly any food packs now as I do not need to. Sometimes I will have a soup for convenience at lunch time but other than that I just eat normal food.

In the new year I may try to lose one more stone but I am very happy with my weight now and can live like this no problem.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Where have I been?

A number of regular readers have written to check that everything is OK. I am well and still keeping my weight off. I am on a special lighter life program at the moment to take me into the new year. The weight loss is slower but it will help me to regulate my eating for the rest of my life.

I have a Lighter life shake for breakfast, a lighter life soup for lunch, A low carbohydrate meal for evening dinner with an apple or other fruit. I finish the day with a lighter life bar.

I can keep this up for ever in the week as my work is very busy and I do not have time to think about food. The weekends are still a struggle and I sometimes cheat. This is not really very clever but I am working on how to get through the weekend without messing up the good work I am doing in the week.

Keep asking questions. I like the feedback

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Event of the year - New weighing machine purchased

This must be the saddest post ever. Our old weighing had seen better days and we have sent it to weighing machine heaven. Mind you it had seen a lot of frontline action.
Can you imagine the excitement of buying a new weighing machine and then fighting over who is going to weigh themselves first?

Well it wasn't as bad as that but it is reasuring to know that they measure accurately.
Seriously though - I had decided to not weigh myself at all and just go with the program. I know that the lighter life diet works so I am not concerned about losing weight. I know it will happen if I stick to the diet.

My lighter life counsellor suggested it might help me to weigh once during the week just to keep me motivated and on program. So I weighed this morning and was 15 stones 3 pounds. very pleasing.

At least I am not weighing 3 times a day like I was in January. That was a bit mad. Now if the scales are right I have lost one and a half stones in three and a half weeks. Pretty good I reckon.